Monday, July 26, 2010

The Missing Shoe

Shoes keep disappearing in our house. Saturday Jack’s new runner disappeared and I searched high and low after seeing Carson running around with one. Here’s where I found the shoe, courtesy of Carson:

087 088

Life has been super busy for us lately. First of all work is busy for both Paul and myself. I’ve been chosen for a“Loaned Executive” program so I’ll be out of the office for the most part from the end of August through November.


At the breakfast table…Carson loves to wear my headbands! :-)091

This is pretty typical of Carson…he loves to bug Jack! He’s wearing a diaper in these photos because he came home from school with a fever {he doesn’t look sick, does he?!} so I was trying to keep him cool.

Carson is all over the place and up to all kinds of things. His favorite word is still “truck”. Every day when we pull up to the house he points to our neighbor Mr. Thom’s truck and says, “truck, truck”. If the truck is not there, he says “truck” and signs “all done”. Pretty funny!

Jack is ready for real school to start back. They have “Summer camp” over the summer months and I think he’s finally reached a state of boredom! He transitions to his last pre-K class in a few weeks. Unbelievable to think he’s only got one more year before kindergarten. NOT ready for that!! He is having his tonsils & adenoids out on Friday, August 6th. We know the outcome will be great, but it’s still very scary at the same time!

That’s it for now. Hope everyone is surviving the summer heat!

Friday, July 2, 2010

A Slice of Heaven

Paul had to rescue the kite, Bob had to rescue Paul

Good Morning!!

Beautiful morning walk!

Perfect day at the Ranch

Best kite flying weather ever!

Ahhh...we're here in Lindsay! We've had a great trip so far. We stayed in Atlanta Wednesday night to take the first flight out Thursday morning. We have discovered that non-reving with a family of four is much easier if there is only one flight and if we're on the first flight. Our hotel room in Atlanta was less than desirable but it served it's purpose. Yesterday we were up and at em bright and early. We got on our flight with no problems and arrived in Toronto at 10AM. Both boys were excited to see Grandpa!

We stopped at Coffee Time-a fave- and got a much needed caffeine boost! Yesterday was ABSOLUTELY PERFECT. It truly is a little slice of Heaven here. Definitely makes me miss Paul's Mom, Faye, every time we arrive as I remember how much pride she took in this house and this land. But I know she'd be happy to see how much love still pours in to this house and it's now FULL of grandkids!!

Busy day today-Paul and I are about to head in to town to pick up a few things. I'm sure it will be another day of enjoying the great outdoors!
More later!