Monday, June 21, 2010

Summer’s in Full Swing

Where has a month gone? I realized today that I had a post in my drafts folder waiting for pictures to be added and I guess I never got to that! So…I’m way behind!

We had a great weekend. Nice & quiet with no projects going on. Friday night we took Jack with us to dinner at Sumo, a hibachi grill. He loves it. When I told him we were going he asked if he could have “Shrtrimp”!  Our neighbor who is 17 came over to watch Carson for the few minutes before his bedtime. He’s pretty much like clockwork with a 7pm bedtime. And he loves his bed!

Saturday Jack asked if he could buy a toy at the toy store. He had some birthday money left over so we took them to McDonald’s for lunch, which they both LOVE. Carson can devour a cheeseburger! They got to play in the play center and then we hit Toys R Us next door. They both had a blast! Jack picked out a toy crocodile and a “viking chopper singy <thingy>” which is a foam toy.

Hopefully Paul will agree that he had a great Father’s Day. We went to church and then did our usual Sunday grocery shopping then home for lunch & naps.  Yesterday afternoon we pulled out the slip-n-slide that Jack got for his birthday. Let me just reiterate-Carson has no fear. He LOVED the slip-n-slide. Here are some pictures for proof!


Notice the dirt all over his face!



One other quick thing I wanted to show you …I know I’m always talking about the mischief that Carson gets into. Paul and I just have to laugh at the things he does! We typically keep the pantry door closed because if not, there is SOMETHING he will drag out. This is what I caught him doing most recently…


At this point he’s been busy putting hard cat food into the water bowl. That’s a plastic dinosaur he’s dipping in the water…


And that’s him sucking the water off the dino’s head. That’s my boy!

So there’s my quick update. Today I woke up with the dreaded stomach bug that Carson had on Friday so I have been home in bed all day. Not fun!

We are super excited about our upcoming trip to home to Canada in a matter of days! I know the boys are going to have a BLAST and we can’t wait to see our family & friends!

Adios for now!