Sunday, September 27, 2009

Another week...

Another week and weekend have flown by! It's been a busy's a recap:

Tuesday morning I ran around like a chicken with my head cut off to get the boys dressed for school pictures. Since it's technically "fall", I had them dressed in cords & jeans even though it was 80 degrees! Jack complained the whole time (probably because he was hot!). I walked in to school and it hit aren't until THIS week. Oh well, trial run. *Carson also slept really well.

This weekend we went to a birthday party at "Pump it Up" where Jack got close to a black eye. It's a good boo-boo, but the whole eye didn't turn black thank goodness. We also had several trees cut down in the back yard so it looks very different. Neither of us wanted to cut them down but the two largest trees had a fungus growing in/on them and were getting a little risky. Saturday night we enjoyed a cookout with our friends and all the kids.

Sunday, THE BEST PART...EVERYONE IN THE GRAHAM HOUSEHOLD SLEPT TILL 7:30! IT'S A TRUE MIRACLE!!! If you know anything about our kids (JACK) he NEVER sleeps past 6 or 6:30. The rest of the day has been great. Church, groceries, park, great pot roast and 7 or 8 loads of laundry!

Carson is all over the place crawling and pulling up on us. He's sleeping much better and is such a happy guy unless he's tired or hungry!

Here's our week in pictures:

Jack got Slinky Dog from Toy Story. He loves him. Notice the bump under the eye.
He wrote the letter "J"all by himself!!!

The boys playing together. It's so fun to watch Jack share with Carson and he loves it!
The worst of the trees in the backyard.
What a mess!

Carson in the jump-up, not jumping! :-)

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Tubes before Beach

It's taken me all week to get this post up...

Carson's tube procedure went without a hitch! We were getting a little nervous because we arrived at 5:45AM and they said he would be first (6:30) since he was the youngest baby there. 6:30 came and went and Carson was getting a little fussy since he had not eaten since 11:30 the night before. They took him back a few minutes before 7 AM and he was back in the room 15 minutes later. So far so good! He's still not sleeping through the night, but we feel certain we're getting closer now!

We had another wonderful time in Ft. Walton, can't thank the McKay's enough for letting us use the house! Friday Paul and Jack surprised me with a beautiful mum and a cake. Paul and I had a nice dinner out (just the two of us!!) and went for drinks on the bay afterwards. It was wonderful, just what I wanted!

Jack playing in the sand. He LOVES the beach!

Me & my boys with Birthday cake!

Matching pj' sweet!

Jack helping Paul with my birthday cake.

Carson, drooling up a storm chewing on Grandma's purse strap!

Carson in his hospital room before tubes.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Carson is getting tubes!

9/16 Update: They were able to get Carson in sooner so he'll actually have the procedure tomorrow (9/17). We'll head to the beach later that day as long as he's feeling well. If he's at all like Jack, he'll be raring to go!

As many of you know sweet little Carson has already endured four ear infections. Well we finally got our referral and met with the Ear, Nose, Throat doctor this morning! They did a tympanogram, hearing test and then we met with a nurse practitioner and the doctor. The tympanogram was completely flat indicating fluid behind the hears…which was not a surprise. They also did a hearing test on him (which isn’t 100% at his age) and the audiologist said he was at the “very low” end of normal. Both the Dr. & Nurser Practitioner said his ears were very “gunky” so…………..he's getting tubes! Yay! Finally! Right now we’re scheduled for next Thursday at 5:45 AM, but nurse/scheduler is going to call if they have something sooner. We’re scheduled to go to the beach Wednesday night through Sunday, but if they can get him in this week, we’ll move our dates around a little.

Although we're happy that there may be an end in sight to all of the antibiotics and ear pain he has had, it is still scary when they have to "go under" anesthesia. I'll send an update later but will ask everyone to keep him in your prayers next Thursday morning (if not before).

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Down we go!

Yep...down the crib goes now that Carson pulled up for the first time last night!! Paul took him upstairs and put him in his crib while he got the bath water ready. I walked in a few minutes after him and the picture below is how I found him...happy as a clam! We had already lowered the crib half way when he started sitting up in it, but I wasn't expecting him to pull up already! He's growing TOO fast and I fear he's going to be walking much earlier than Jack! Maybe not walking, but he's certainly going to be much more mobile very soon! He gets on all fours, and rocks a lot but hasn't quite mastered a true crawl. He's now 17 lbs, 4 oz! We meet with the Ear, Nose, Throat doctor tomorrow at 8:15 to discuss tubes since he's already had 4 ear infections.

It's going to be a short week for us in the Graham household! We are heading to Ft. Walton Beach Wednesday night for our annual family trip. This time we are lucky that my mom will be joining us to help with Carson since he is still a little young for all day at the beach! Jack is very excited and Paul and I are SO ready to relax on the beach!

This was the first shot of him standing...see how excited he is!!

Down the crib goes!! (in case you're wondering, yes, the crib is at a slant because he still sleeps with a wedge in there to keep him propped up. Every time we take it out it seems he has another ear infection!)

He's VERY close to crawling! Goes from this position to sitting like a pro!

Reading "How I Became a Pirate" to Jack's class at school...LOL, just realized you can't even see the kids I was reading to. There are about 18 in his class.

Aunt Laura & Carson at Iguana grill; his first time in a restaurant high chair. Such a big boy!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Sweet Jack

I just had to share this...I got an email this morning from the Mom of one of Jack's school friends. Jack & Bella have been at Bright Horizons together since they were newborns but they're now in different classes. Bella's mom emailed me this today:

"Jack just gets cuter each time I see him. When I got out of the car this morning, he said, “Hi, Bella’s mommy. My mommy is coming back at 4:30 pm. She says that is not a long time.” So sweet….."

This was after Jack followed me from inside the playground gate and kept telling me he was going to miss me and I kept saying "4:30...not long I promise!".

These are the little things I never want to forget!


Thursday, September 3, 2009

Houston...we have a problem.

Yep, the knob on my oh-so-gorgeous faucet broke yesterday. You're lucky I'm even letting you see this beauty! Our bathroom is off limits to those who have never seen our's where the money ran out. Our vanity is a lovely shade of butter but since it's circa 1981, it's extra long and not worth replacing since I want to rip everything else out as well!

I'm just wondering how long it will stay this way since I live with Dave Ramsey. (Love you honey!)
*Oh and I just want to add that the sink is actually clean. Unfortunately this is what it always looks like.