Wednesday, November 18, 2009

A mid-week update…

I took Carson back to the ENT doctor on Tuesday. Murphy’s law…after waiting 2 hours and having the audiologist, Nurse Practitioner AND doctor see him, all three said his tubes look great! Praise the Lord!  He was wonderful given it was nearing lunch time and even slept on me for 30 minutes or so. I thoroughly enjoy the snibbits of snuggle time he gives me! Both the ENT and my good friend who is a pediatrician said the fever Carson had on Monday screamed flu…which is probably how Jack ended up with it just a few days later. Regardless we’re all feeling pretty good. I hope I’m on the tail end of my cold, which I do not think was the flu.

During lunch today a few Mom’s from school went to visit Joshua’s parents David & Amanda. They removed his breathing tube today and were slowly waking him from sedation. They are still awaiting several test results but they are surrounded by their family and great friends daily. PLEASE remember them in your thoughts and prayers. All of the classrooms are taking up donations for the family.

Jack had his weekly gymnastics class tonight. On the way there he said “Mommy! I just saw a chair like on Nemo!”  After he described the scene where the fish jumped out and the guy is getting his teeth cleaned (not in such a clear order) I finally realized we had passed a dentist’s office and since it was dark, he could see the dental chair through the window in the lighted office. What a clever kid!

Carson got a new tooth this week! Sunday night I heard a strange grinding sound as he was in the highchair. I couldn’t see/feel anything until Monday morning, but there it is…a top tooth popping through!

Hope everyone had a good hump day!

So Blessed ~

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Prayer Request

I’ve shared this with a few of you, but I wanted to take a moment to ask you to pray for Joshua Vincent. Joshua is a baby in Carson’s class. He’s only 9 months old and was diagnosed with neuroblastoma one week ago.  Joshua’s big sister Julia is Jack’s age and has been one of his classmates for a while.

I cannot even begin to imagine what they are walking through right now. Fortunately they are surrounded by a wonderful church and Sunday school class. So I want to extend that prayer as much as I can…it’s all we can do right now. You can follow Joshua’s progress at:


Saturday, November 14, 2009

Too long since my last update!

I knew when I started this blog that I would have to be diligent in my updates! If you don't stay updated, people will stop checking the blog!

Let me see if I can sum things up since my last post:

Friday- 10/30 we surprised our friend and babysitter Alyssa with a surprise going away party. Alyssa was Jack's teacher when he turned one and she's been our babysitter and good friend since then! We are sad that she left B'ham to move home and work on her Master's Degree, but we wish her lots of luck...and we know we'll be seeing her soon!



She thought she was coming to babysit!


Marci, Alyssa & I

10/31-Halloween. We got together with the Carney’s once again! The boys had a great time!

100_1068 100_1079 Our Woody & Buzz100_1074

The following weekend Paul and I enjoyed a weekend away for my friend Beth’s wedding. She lives in Wisconsin so we got to visit 3 new airports and a new city. We had a wonderful time! 100_1129

Paul and I in front of the State Capitol Mary Kate, me, Beth, Debra & Tami

And that kind of gets us to now…

Last Saturday night Carson started running a fever. By the time we returned Sunday evening he still had fever so Laura and I took him to the doctor on Monday. We were told he had yet another ear infection so we started him on antibiotics <again>! Tuesday was a rough day. I took Carson to the sick care facility at work, which I hated to do, but work is really busy right now for me and Paul both. By Wednesday I thought for sure he was on the mend. Unfortunately JACK was the one with fever! Luckily Paul was able to take him to the doctor since I had two meetings I couldn’t reschedule (I have been working furiously on a website that was to go live this weekend!). He called me an hour after the appointment to tell me Jack had H1N1. My company has a policy that if we are directly exposed, we have to be out for 72 hours. BAM- I had to go home! The pediatrician started Jack on Tamiflu and gave us a Rx for Carson in case he spiked a fever. By the time Paul picked him up that afternoon, his fever was 99.9 so we went ahead and started him on the Tamiflu as well. So…it’s now Saturday evening and I’m pretty sure the boys are on the mend and I’m feeling just a little puny…but no fever!

I’ll admit these last few weeks/months have been a little rough for us. We’ve been very sleep deprived because it seems once we get Carson sleeping, Jack starts waking for some reason and then vise versa. And poor Carson…as soon as we get his ears cleared up his reflux acts up, or he’s got a tooth coming in or he gets a cold. We both feel like he’s had a rough month and Paul and I are both praying that we can start backing him off of his reflux meds as he is growing and eating more table food. I’d like to ask all of you prayer warriors to please keep our little Carson in prayer. Pray that his ears would be healed, that his reflux would go away completely. He’s such a sweet baby but I feel like he can’t catch a break! We decided to take him back tot he ENT on Tuesday.

So I think that catches you all up…for now anyway. I have another update I’ll post tomorrow, but I’ll give your eyes a break for now! :-)